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Where Real Happiness Comes

Where Real happiness comes, Being happy and making others happy is an art that has to be learned and it is a blessing that few people are blessed with.


It is generally believed that happiness depends on the abundance of wealth. For example, a person who has a nice bungalow, a nice car, a bank balance, moreover, can afford tourism or photography and other expensive hobbies is generally assumed to be wealthy. He is surely the happiest person in the world and no sorrow can come to him. As if happiness or peace of heart is related to wealth and wealth. While this assumption has nothing to do with reality. Happiness is actually related to your inner self.

That is, no external elements (such as a close friend, a relative, or a group of friends and relatives) can make you happy if you don’t want to be happy yourself. Like other necessities of life, a person has to find the reasons and opportunities for his happiness by himself.

Suffering, difficulties, and grief are an integral part of this life.

According to Ghalib,

Imprisonment of life and confinement and grief are actually both one

Why should a person get rid of grief before dying?

It is not possible to get rid of sufferings before death, so keeping sorrows on you all the time and having constant doubts and complaints about life is a very negative behavior that if persistent can lead you to many mental and physical diseases. Do you know that stress and anxiety are the main cause of many deadly diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, heart attack, and so on?

Come on! Here are some practical ways to be happy to start a happy life:

At least once throughout the day, count and write down the blessings of God that you have The main problem of man is that he does not feel the many blessings. For example, your healthy body in which every organ is complete and functional, parents who nurture you, caring brothers and sisters, friends who keep you informed, loved ones and relatives who come to help you in times of trouble, then you have three Being blessed with timely food, clean drinking water, clothes on the body, the roof of the house, etc. This list can be very long if you start counting.

happy life
happy life

Set a Goal

To be happy, life must be lived with a purpose. Spend some part of the day every day in achieving this goal by taking time out from household and other responsibilities. This purposeful time will not only bring you inner relief but also lead to achievements.

Spend Some Time With Children Every Day

Answer the questions from them. Play different games with them. Believe me, the innocent words of children will solve all your mental confusion in just 5 minutes.

Be Helpful

Help someone at least once a day. There is no greater happiness than when someone’s problem is solved with your help.

Home Sitting

Every day there must be a time when all the family members sit together and have a light chat. During this time avoid any kind of screen whether it is your cell phone or LED. To make this gossip interesting, ask the children of the house to listen to a part of the Quran, a hadith, a naat, a story, or a poem. This will also give confidence to the children and your party will also be bright.

Bring Change

Man is disgusted by sameness. A good way to do this is to change things in and around the house. For example, rearrange the furniture. Make a painting or craft it yourself and hang it in your room. A change in environment has positive effects on the brain.

Chat With Old Friends

Call your friends from school or college and refresh old interesting memories. This will refresh the bouquet of your life which has dried up under the burden of the economy and society.

Remember The Happiest Day Of Your Life

There are many happy and unforgettable moments in life, which are remembered every time with a new joy.

The Happiest Day Of Your Life
The Happiest Day Of Your Life

Final letter

Being happy is like swimming in the ocean which has to be learned. This is definitely difficult, not impossible.

What are The 8 Principles Of Success?

Success always comes to those who stick to their intentions with faith and work continuously, success is not something that is achieved in a day, it takes years of hard work and firm belief behind it.

If the following principles are followed, success in one’s goals can be achieved very quickly.

1. Always Think Positive and Big

What you achieve in life is directly related to your thinking, expand your thoughts and thinking, think positive, get rid of negative thoughts, and fear of failure, that’s why it is said It will be good to sleep well.

2. Go With Moderation

Moderation is very important in life, one wrong or impulsive step can spoil your hard work, do everything thoughtfully and according to principles, firm intention and moderation in life can make you successful in every goal.

3. Admit Your Failure

In life, no person succeeds in his goal for the first time, behind every successful person there are many failures, mistakes, and stories, it is better to admit your failure and regret it than to waste time. Find out where the mistake was made and what not to do again.

4. Do Today’s Work Today

Value time, do today’s work instead of putting it off for tomorrow and avoid laziness, stay up-to-date and don’t miss any opportunity, don’t take any task for granted, and treat every task as important. Do it carefully.

5. Keep Your Ideas Unique

After seeing a successful person, don’t mold yourself like him, every successful person has a different situation and story. Review your goals and reach your goals and make a comprehensive plan to move forward slowly.

6. Adopt a Positive Attitude

A positive attitude will help you achieve everything you want to achieve in life, be positive and patient, and treat everyone equally.

7. Believe in Yourself

Believe in yourself, get rid of the fear of failure, and always keep in mind that you can do anything, self-confidence and self-belief are essential to achieve success.

8. Keep Learning and Keep Growing

Challenge yourself and try new experiences, remember the biggest risk in life is not to take any risk in life, don’t be afraid of change but welcome it, always keep yourself motivated and positive and keep moving forward, and always be yourself. Keep learning in stages.

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